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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Community service means giving back to the culture and people that surround you .... Therefore, giving back to the community is a way to help others too.

Absence of proper channel to shape youth energy for good things is one of the reasons for growing naxal and terrorist activities. This is also a valid reason why India performs so badly in Olympic games year after year.

India is a nation with no dearth of sports talents!

As quoted by P.T.Usha “After many years of experience in athletics, I am convinced that what we lack in India is not talent, but the basic, modern and scientific facilities. If we train our young Indian sports talents nothing,not even Olympic medals, is unachievable.

Everyone thinks that bagging an Olympic medal is a difficult task. It is not. I would have certainly made it in the Los Angeles Olympics if I had a little more exposure in the 400m hurdles. Considering my limited exposure, I did well as I had participated only in two races before I went to Los Angeles. It was lack of experience in the 400m hurdles that cost me the gold medal. If India goes for a real, systematic and scientific approach, I am sure my country has a great athletic future.”