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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


  • “I am committed to athletics and I want to ensure that my country wins at any cost” P.T.Usha
  • The vision of U.S.H.A is to nurture talent to achieve excellence in every field of athletics and to place India firmly on the international sports map.


  • To identify and nurture talent, and groom it to be at par with international athletes
  • To eliminate any disadvantages or handicaps by providing all essential training inputs – physiological, physical, psychological and technological – to blooming athletic talents.
  • To provide continuing education along with sports training
  • To promote scientific training in sports and apply all research results
  • To inculcate love for sports among the general public and to promote sports as a serious career for the talented.


U.S.H.A will pursue excellence while maintaining organizational and personal integrity and focusing on technological enhancement of talent. U.S.H.A will develop talent based purely on merit, and will maintain transparency in all operations.


  • Excellence for the U.S.H.A students in every event from school level to international level.
  • Participation for U.S.H.A students in the Olympic games, and victory in every international meets thereafter.